Windfall Associates' staff has a cumulative 150 man years of experience in varied telecommunications
applications. Within the knowledge pool we can invoke individual specialist skills while maintaining the
flexibility of working as a team. A project manager is generally assigned to a particular endeavor and
can draw on the necessary resources to get the job done. We have designed multiple applications over
time for clients that have been with us for up to thirteen years. Our long term perspective insures that we
approach each project with the client's satisfaction in mind.

Our experience includes:

· Call Center/Contact Center Design and Implementation
· PBX and Key Systems
· Automated Attendant
· Call Processing
· Voice Messaging
· Voice Mail Networks
· Audio Conferencing
· Video Conferencing
· Predictive and Power Dialing
· Call Accounting
· Facility Management
· Information Retrieval (Audio-Text)
· Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
· Speech Recognition
· Fax Store and Forward