At Windfall Associates we profess that the key to our participating in the planning of an effective
telecommunications strategy is to understand our clients' current business requirements, and share

their vision of the future. There is no magic formula for success. This kind of knowledge can only be
acquired through long term diligent study and high level communication. We know our business. We
also make it our business, over the course of our relationship, to understand our clients'.

We welcome the opportunity to interact with our clients at every level. Our charter is to understand
their operation and business requirements. They can leverage our expertise and perspective to help
them achieve their goals and objectives. This is a step-by-step process beginning with a thorough audit
of the services utilized today and the identification of the best solutions to maximize operations, now,
and into the foreseeable future.

We proactively recommend adjustments when we see an advantage, or observe a change that might
be beneficial in a specific client situation. We are proud to have many clients who will attest to the
value of the partnerships that we have established with them over the years.