Today, telecommunications technology advances at the speed of light, developing a language all its own.

Vendors come on the scene every day, offering new products, new services, new ways of thinking. Technical people, those with talent, drive and loyalty are harder and harder to find. Demands on your in-house technical resources continually grow more challenging.

You could keep trying to build a telecommunications staff to keep up with the workload, or, you could bring on Windfall Associates as your partner. Windfall Associates is an independent telecommunications consulting firm that's been around since 1985. We're here to stay. We're here when you need us. And we're flexible. We'll work with you on a single project, as an extension of your in-house staff, or as your fully outsourced telecommunications department.

Essentially, you're hiring a group of seasoned professionals - without the overhead of a large technical staff. Windfall Associates has the manpower to get the job done for you; if a major project requires more staff, that's our responsibility, not yours. Just as important, you'll benefit from the hard-to-find skill sets of our entire team. Today, it's virtually impossible for one person to be an expert of every aspect of telecommunications support. We pool our experience and talents on your behalf.

Ongoing relationships with our clients are key to our ability to meet and surpass their expectations, consistently. We do that by living with their challenges every day. By interacting with employees at every level. By conducting business with their vendors. By understanding their business issues, from the boardroom to the individual office.


The reasons to outsource functions which are not part of an enterprise’s core business are compelling indeed. Telecommunications management, a responsibility that is increasingly reporting to IS, is a natural candidate for consideration. Executive management in virtually every major corporation are evaluating the outsource decision. Nationwide seminars to educate executives on the execution of staff balancing and “rightsourcing”, are booked months in advance. Here are some of the issues that have brought this trend to the forefront:

The advantages to outsourcing can be summarized as follows:

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